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5 Things You Should Know About Levine Capital

5 Things You Should Know About Levine Capital

So, you’re interested in investing with Levine Capital. What should you know about us before investing?

We are big believers in knowing who you are investing with. In fact, it is probably the most important part of any investment decision you ever make. 

We like to make real estate investing easy, but we also want to de-risk it for investors and provide them with a more transparent playing field for making educated financial decisions.

1. We Provide Easier Access To The Best Investments

Unfortunately, the best investments in terms of returns, security, and quality are typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy with elite personal connections. You may have already encountered this. It’s tough, because if you want to level up to this group, then you have to get access to better investments in the first place, right?

So, by drawing on our strong connections and financial strength, we were able to provide access to these institutional-quality investments the highest net worth individuals are into, but with much less capital upfront.

If you have $1M or more to invest that’s great. We can help you secure a great position in these investments. Though if you have a lot less, or just want to test the waters and gain confidence by seeing how these investments perform before allocating more capital, we can help with that too. 

2. We Specialize In Capital Aggregation

We provide investors like you with superior access to better quality investments by capital aggregation. That means we pool capital from investors along with our own capital, and partner in these bigger and better deals that you wouldn’t otherwise get access to.

3. We Are The Authority On Vetting Investment Sponsors

Many years ago, we realized that the key to better investing was, to begin with evaluating the sponsorsㅡthe person or entity that was promoting and managing the investments. 

It is easy to promise big returns or become Instagram famous with a few dollars on social media and some glossy brochures. Yet, being able to trust who you are working with is paramount in real estate investing.

If you can trust the sponsor, then you can have confidence in the investments and properties they are putting forward. If you can’t, then it really doesn’t matter what the deal is, or where it’s at. All of the potentials can be destroyed in the management. 

Therefore, we started getting really serious about vetting sponsors. In fact, we wrote an ebook on how to vet the sponsors. You can not only download your free copy on our website but also check out our Learn|Invest|Grow Show videos and YouTube channel to see some of the investors we’ve put through the vetting process. You might be surprised at some of those who haven’t cut. 

4.We’ve Partnered With Some Of The Most Experienced Fund Managers Out There

Through this rigorous process, we’ve identified and partnered with some of the most respected and experienced investors out there: families, individuals, and companies that have been investing in real estate for decades. They’ve been through the downturns and know how to make the best of the bull runs and minimize risk and take advantage of the opportunities when there is distress. 

5. We’ve Already Led 3 Successful Funds

In addition to years of investing for ourselves, we’ve already led three successful funds. They’ve proven what we can do in both terms of delivering on our promises, strong returns, and protecting investor capital. 

Be sure to check out our case studies section for updates on our funds. 


Levine Capital provides superior access to institutional-caliber real estate investments. We’d love to speak with you about your investment goals and to see if we are a good fit for you. Or check us out on social media and get to know us better. Even if you aren’t sure you are ready to invest, it may be worthwhile to download our guide for vetting sponsors for your future reference and use it to evaluate anyone you are considering doing business with.