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Co-Investment Opportunity
with TCS Anika Homes

About the Co-Investment

Opportunity to invest in the institutional single-family rental industry with one of the largest real estate families in the nation.

Invest with Levine Capital at a much lower investment size than a direct investment with TCS Anika Homes.  Investors will benefit from our private mastermind group with an opportunity to learn while we monitor our co-investments.

TCS Anika Homes is an vertically integrated institutional-quality operator with nearly a century of combined real estate experience. Their primary investment focuses on the preservation of capital and the achievement of high risk-adjusted returns.

TCS Anika Homes is a Joint Venture between Anika Equities, TCS Investment Group, and TCS Management. They have partnered together to form TCS Anika Homes for the acquisition, renovation, leasing, management, and disposition of Workforce Housing with a focus on Single-Family Residential Rentals (SFR) and small multifamily properties. 

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Fund Is Currently Closed

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Why Invest Through a Fund


TCS Anika will take advantage of historically low interest rates and favorable financing terms at a time when basic Single-Family Residential (SFR) and Multifamily investment fundamentals are showing continued strength.


The TCS Anika Fund will be a diversified group of single family & multifamily residential properties.


As a fully integrated institutional investment manager, TCS Anika will oversee every aspect and decision related to the acquisition, finance, asset management, and multiple exit strategies.


Levine Capital seeks out institutional investment managers who have a strong historical track record with IRR returns over 15% and an Equity Multiple over 2.0x over a 5 year hold.

Why Real Estate?


Real estate investments are considered a non-correlated alternative asset class.

Tax Advantages

Take advantage of available tax structuring to create opportunities for income tax deferral and long-term tax reduction.

Cash Flow & Appreciation

Stabilized real estate generally benefits from regular and predictable cash flow.

Hedge Against Inflation

Rents, land values and replacement costs typically move upward with inflation.


Historically low interest rates may allow real estate to generate higher cash flows.

Multiple Exit Strategies

Real estate assets can be disposed of through individual or portfolio liquidations, asset refinancing, mergers, or a “roll up” through a portfolio capitalization.

Join and Invest In Real Estate