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Inflation Trends: A Sigh of Relief

🌡️Inflation Trends: A Sigh of Relief

October’s Update: The Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Index shows that headline inflation was stable for the month, with a year-over-year decrease from 3.4% to 3%. Even more promising, Core PCE, the Fed’s preferred measure, dropped to its lowest level in over two years.

What This Means: We’ve seen significant progress in curbing inflation since last year. The Fed’s rate hikes are showing their intended effect, and there’s a buzz that they might pause these hikes in their next meeting.


Inflation Trends: A Sigh of Relief 1

🏠 Housing Market Dynamics: A Complex Picture

Pending Home Sales: There’s been a 1.5% decline from September to October, marking the lowest level since 2001. Limited inventory remains a major hurdle, with a significant impact on housing demand.

New Home Sales: Despite a 5.6% drop from September to October, the pace of new home sales remains strong compared to last year. The availability of new homes and median prices suggest a market adjusting to current economic conditions.

💹 Home Values: Resilient and Rising

The Case-Shiller Index and other valuation measures indicate continued appreciation in home prices. Despite some market fluctuations, home values have hit new all-time highs, presenting opportunities for wealth building through homeownership.

📊 Labor Market: Mixed Signals

Jobless Claims: Initial claims have slightly risen, but the real story lies in Continuing Claims hitting a 2-year high. This could signal a challenging environment for those seeking employment.

🔭 Looking Ahead:

Stay tuned for upcoming housing appreciation data from CoreLogic and crucial labor sector reports, including the ADP Employment Report and the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Jobs Report.

📉 Technical Market Analysis:

Mortgage Bonds and the 10-year treasury yield continue to exhibit interesting trends and resistance levels, providing key insights for market participants.


Our journey this week unveils a landscape of gradual inflation control, a complex housing market, and a labor sector sending mixed signals. As always, Levine Capital is here to navigate these developments with you.

Wishing you a week of insightful decisions and successful ventures with Levine Capital!