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With The Aggregation Fund

The Levine Capital Aggregation Fund provides an exceptional opportunity for long-term wealth accumulation. Quite simply, the Aggregation Fund affords private investors the opportunity to invest alongside us in lucrative real estate deals in supply-constrained, high barrier-to-entry markets, whether they be multifamily apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and structured credit. Thanks to the expertise of our seasoned investment manager, the success of the Levine Capital Aggregation Fund continues by consistently providing high risk-adjusted, low-volatile returns that would otherwise be unattainable without the pooled capital of our wise investors. 

Our trusted sponsor has the proven track record, financial strength, experience, and market connections necessary to operate successfully in the acquisition and development of carefully selected properties. There are several advantages to working with the seasoned professionals at Levine Capital, such as:

  • Earn passive returns over 12%
  • Diversified property investments
  • Investors are paid out first
  • In-depth market analysis
  • Clear and open communication
  • Up-to-date portfolio insight

Our Aggregation Fund portfolio includes a broad diversity of residential cash-flowing real estate in high-demand markets along the East Coast. Our experienced sponsor has a proven track record of dealing with lucrative real estate spaces that are recession-resistant. By minimizing your exposure to volatile real estate deals with the Aggregation Fund, your investment capital is protected, while consistently outperforming traditionally managed funds.

Why Join The Levine Capital Aggregation Fund?

The Aggregation Fund aligns you with real estate professionals that are equally vested. At Levine Capital, we do not profit from our real estate deals until you do. Our core principle is to offer our investors an investment opportunity we personally invest in after our thorough vetting process; that is, we have our skin in the game at all times. By maintaining a diversified portfolio of properties across profitable asset classes, our exposure to downside risk is minimal. 

Our strategic partner is equipped with the requisite resources and real estate acumen to be able to consistently obtain great deals. With a large pool of capital, our sponsor can acquire property deals that smaller investors would never consider. This enables our investors to become a part of highly profitable “ground up” deals. By turning raw property into high-demand, consistently cash-flowing residential units, our investors can capitalize on the best margins in real estate.  

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With our combined funds, we can accomplish great things in the world of real estate. When you become one of our valued investors, we go above and beyond to maintain clear communication and provide extensive portfolio insight. We want you to know exactly how your money is performing, and exactly what we are doing to make the most of it. When you partner with Levine Capital, you are more than just a client, you are our family with whom we desire to grow our wealth together.

Levine Capital is now providing individual investors access to a feeder fund that is a co-investment vehicle allowing investors to participate alongside the Operating Partner/Sponsor, and build a collection of institutional-quality multifamily assets. By investing with an award-winning sponsor and seasoned operator, we are helping our investors achieve a high return on investment. This seasoned operator, (that wishes to keep our arrangement confidential), has over a decade of experience with numbers that include:

Why Invest With Levine Capital?

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About the Fund

Levine Capital Aggregation Fund I is an entity that was designed to operate as a pooled investment “feeder” fund to the (the “Master Fund”). The Master Fund is a seasoned operator that wishes to keep our arrangement confidential. Once a confidentiality agreement is signed, then we will disclose our agreement with the fund manager. You may also contact the fund manager for a meeting to learn more about the investment.

Levine Capital Management aggregates family capital allowing access to the best real estate funds with a minimal investment offering a higher return. LCM has cut exceptional ramped-up return pass-through deals with some of the best funds in the industry. Levine Capital Aggregation Fund I  is a real estate fund of funds, where it is set up as a feeder fund vehicle that invests into the master fund.  We encourage our investors to contact the real estate investment fund manager to inquire about how the fund operates.

The Levine Capital Advantage

Levine Capital only invest with sponsors that have a proven track record, competence, experience, financial strength, and relationships. Our chosen sponsor must be vertically integrated, managing all aspects of the development continuum with a primary investment always focus on the preservation of capital and the achievement of high risk-adjusted returns.

What Sets This Sponsor Apart

You're Paid First

The fund sponsor is paid after returns have been paid out to you – the investor! 

Institutional Quality

By investing in multiple investments concurrently, the sponsor can give investors and clients the opportunity to mirror institutional levels of investments and returns that an individual can’t achieve alone. The highest returns are earned from the “building creation” phase: taking a property from raw land to a high demand residential residential building.

Risk Mitigation

By diversifying across regions, types of assets and investment lifecycles, and adding/selling continuously the sponsor is able to reduce risk for clients and investors.

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