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Successful Loan Closed in Philadelphia:
A Testament to Our Gap Funding Expertise

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Levine Capital is thrilled to announce the successful closing of yet another loan in Philadelphia, PA 19147! This milestone marks our fourth closing with this valued client, a testament to our client’s trust and confidence in our services.

✅ The Loan at a Glance

Gap Funding: The Game Changer

Our gap funding solution was crucial in this transaction, enabling our client to secure the property without any out-of-pocket expenses. By bridging the financial gap between the purchase price and Initial Funding, we provided the client with the necessary funds to move forward confidently. This innovative approach reduces financial strain and accelerates the project’s timeline, ensuring a swift turnaround.

✅ Economics of the Loan

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the Loan’s financial aspects:

This recent closing in Philadelphia is a prime example of how our gap funding can turn ambitious projects into profitable realities.

We look forward to many more successful collaborations and helping our clients achieve their real estate investment goals. Stay tuned for more updates and success stories from Levine Capital!

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