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Single Family Acquisition Criteria


Learn About Investing in Single Family Rentals​

Levine Capital has partnered with TCS Anika Homes to provide investors with a value-add investment to make a profitable single family rentals investment. Our investors receive detailed insight into the world of investing in single family properties, making it easy for you to understand your valuable single-family rentals investment. 

By combining our pooled resources into a diverse single family rentals investment fund, we can invest into broader and more resilient property opportunities. By partnering with our single family rentals investment fund, you will have access to several benefits, such as:

Why Invest In Single Family Properties?

We are committed to our investors. We strive to consistently add value to our investors by providing relevant market updates and continuously research real estate trends so our profitable fund remains ahead of the curve. By working closely with our real estate partners, we can provide our investors with informed investment research and seek to inspire confidence that our investors’ money is being handled wisely by our dedicated professionals.

Searching For

Single Family Homes and Multifamily


Portfolios & Individual SFH or Multifamily 20 units or less


$15M Line of Credit


3-4 bed / 1 bath +



Under $70K


Light Renovation or Full Gut


Over 8.5%

ARV Minimum

Over $135K

single family rentals investment

Investing in Single Family Rentals Made Easy

Investing in single family rentals independently can be taxing and costly. By partnering with our proven fund, you immediately have access to a well-protected and diversified portfolio. Our partner, TCS Anika Homes, has over 100 years of combined experience investing in single family rentals. After thoroughly analyzing all of the best properties, our partner can generate consistent cash flow in high-value markets.

Our partner handles every aspect of the acquisition and management of the deals, making your investment journey simple. By strictly targeting homes that meet their buying criteria, our partner seeks to maximize after repair value (ARV) given market conditions, thereby creating greater profit margins for all of our investors.

Get in Touch With Our Professional Fund Managers

Thanks to the ever-growing demand of late, investing in single family rentals are one of the best ways to access long-term value. No matter what happens in the stock market or broader economy, hard assets like homes will always retain their intrinsic value. As demand for quality properties increases, the growth potential is virtually unlimited. The sooner you begin protecting your wealth by investing in single family properties, the sooner your valuable capital will have an added layer of security. 

Investing in affordable single family and small multifamily properties with our fund offer a portfolio that is relatively safe and resilient during economic downturns. These profitable, recession-resistant real estate niches offer high risk-adjusted returns that are an ideal hedge during volatile market situations. 

If you’re excited to learn more about investing in single family rentals, don’t hesitate to reach out to the best in the industry to learn more!

Standard TCS Projects

  • Average lease maturity 6 months or less
  • Properties that require only a “light renovation”, must have satisfactory existing electrical and heating systems. 
  • Properties that require “gut renovations” must not have any costly structural issues. Electrical, plumbing and heating systems will be replaced.
  • We are renting for a long term, NOT FLIPPING.
  • When calculating the ARV, keep in mind that we are NOT using retail finishes such as marble countertops, hardwood floors or finished basements.

Investment Focus


TCS Anika Homes is investing in the entire Philadelphia Region & up to 30 min drive outside of the city

Primary West & SW Philadelphia open to other economically feasible opportunities as well

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