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Join Our 10th Milestone Meetup on the 28th

Hosted by KAry Carl
We’re thrilled to invite you to a landmark networking event on the 28th, a celebration of our 10th meetup, marking a significant milestone in our community’s journey. Hosted by Adam and Greice Levine along with Kary Carol at City Rub Smokehouse in Newark, NJ, this gathering is particularly special for those immersed in Pace Morby’s Subto teachings. It offers a central hub for Subto students to network, learn, and grow within the vibrant real estate investment landscape of Central New Jersey.

Why This Meetup Matters:

Celebrating Collective Growth:

As we commemorate our 10th meetup, we’re not just celebrating a number but the profound journey of learning, connection, and growth we’ve embarked on together. This event underscores our commitment to supporting each other’s real estate ambitions, with a particular nod to the Subto students who’ve become an integral part of our community’s fabric.

***Secure your place at this milestone celebration by confirming your attendance today.***

This event is a milestone moment for real estate investors, particularly for those engaged with Pace Morby’s Subto strategies. It’s an opportunity to enrich your understanding, expand your network, and be inspired by the collaborative spirit that defines our community.

We look forward to celebrating our 10th meetup with you, sharing in the learning and setting the stage for the next chapter in our real estate investment journey. Join us on the 28th for an event that promises not just connections and knowledge, but a celebration of our shared path to success.

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